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Jobi J Ford - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Joby Ford is a producer, mixer, engineer, musician

Joby J. Ford segment from the Jay Leno Show as 'Mariachi El Bronx"

Joby J. Ford is a musician, producer, mixer and engineer from Los Angeles. He has produced and/or recorded records for "Coeur de Pirate" (which reached #9 and #1 in France and Canada respectively), "Face to Face - Laugh Now Laugh Later", "Trash Talk - Eyes and Nines", "Cerebral Ballzy", "Old Man Markley - Guts n' Teeth", "Gallows", "The Enemy" and "Carl Barat & The Jackals". He is a founding member of "The Bronx", a hardcore punk band formed in 2002, he plays guitar and sings backup vocals and has released three albums. 

Joby also founded "Mariachi El Bronx", where he plays guitar, vihuela, bajo sexto and the accordion, and toured Australia, Europe and the US for the release of the band's second album entitled "Mariachi El Bronx" in August, 2011.

Mariachi El Bronx marks a divergence from the band's usual hardcore punk and hard rock sound in favor of a Mariachi style. They adopted the alter ego persona "Mariachi El Bronx" to promote and perform the album.

Joby's recording techniques are very unique and have been described as unorthodox. He says, "Just as each artist is unique, so is the need for a unique production, and that's what makes music exciting. There have been enough pro-tooled albums to last us all a lifetime."

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