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Mike Fasano - Drummer, Drum Technology, Modern, Vintage & Classic Drum Rentals

Recent Projects: Mike was recently in the studio with All Time Low, Republica, HAIM, Jordan Smith, U2 and Metallica. He is currently playing drums with Tiger Army and you can catch him on tour across the U.S. in September.

Josh Mosser - Producer, Grammy-Nominated Engineer, Mixer, Composer

Recent Projects: Josh mixed "Low Life" and "Where There's A Will There's A Way" which appear on 'Jamie N Commons' new EP (listen here): He also mixed "Glory" and "Not Gonna Break You" for Jamie N Commons. Josh mixed a song for 'X-Ambassadors' called "Eye Of The Storm" and he also mixed 2 songs for 'K. Michelle' entitled "Time" and "Life I Chose". Josh spends a lot of time at Formosa's Studios engineering and doing sound design for dozens of video games.  Josh is a Grammy Nominated Engineer for his work on the "Night Visions" album by "Imagine Dragons". He also co-wrote several songs on that album, including "Radioactive" and "Demons" which continue to get dozens of film and TV placements all over the world.

Martin Nessi - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Arranger

Recent Projects: Martin recorded and mixed (with Humberto Gatica) Celine Dion's new French album entitled "Encore Un Soir" which was just released and was #1 on iTunes (Canada). He mixed an EP for Anna Chase entitled "Canciones Desnudas" which reached #1 on iTunes in Paraguay. He recently engineered several songs for Ilza Rosario.

Paul Fig - Producer, Grammy-Nominated Engineer, Mixer

Recent Projects: Fig is currently in the studio producing and recording a new album for "Fireball Ministry". He is also producing and recording a new album for "Stavesacre". He was recently in the studio with Marty Friedman recording his new album.  He recently produced, recorded and mixed a new EP for "Ironaut". Fig is a Grammy Nominated Engineer for his work on the album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" by "Alice In Chains".

Wesley M Seidman - Engineer, Mixer

Recent Projects: Wesley co-produced and mixed the new EP for "Spun Intended". "Brian Wilson's" long awaited album was engineered by Wes and you can read a little bit about the recording process in this Mix article. Wes mixed the new album for "Downset" entitled "One Blood", which is available here on iTunes.

Vincent Jones - Composer, Producer, Mixer, Engineer

Recent Projects: Vince recently produced, recorded and mixed an album for "Night Talks". Their single, 'Green', was just voted #1 on KROQ's local show:
He is also composing the music for the new Netflix show "F Is For Family". He produced and mixed the EP by "Jackie Stabb"; You can hear her song "Night Talks" here. Vince recently won an ASCAP Award for composing the theme for "Sullivan & Son". He also composed the theme title for "Parks & Recreation".

Ben Tolliday - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Instrumentalist

Recent Projects: Ben engineered the new album for "Lord Huron" entitled "Strange Trails" which is getting lots of great reviews. He also recorded and mixed the music for the forthcoming movie entitled "Basmati Blues" as well as "Monster High".

Joby J Ford - Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Recent Projects: Joby recently mixed an album for "Kids Insane". He is the co-founder, writer and guitarist for "The Bronx", "Mariachi El Bronx" and "Pounded By The Surf". When he's not producing bands, he's touring with his own.

Joby J Ford - Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Musician
Dorian Crozier - Drummer

Recent Projects: 'Wook' was recently in the studio with Rob Cavallo and Andrew Lloyd Webber for "School of Rock". He played drums on Rascal Flatt's latest album as well as Kid Rock's latest release. To see some of Dorian's other credits go to AllMusicCredits.

Mike Landolt - Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Mike was the engineer for "Maroon 5's" first multi-platinum album "Songs About Jane". He also engineered albums for "OAR", "Michael Franti",  "Spin Doctors", "Blues Traveler", "Train", "Mushroomhead", "Wakefield" and many more. He produced and mixed records for "The Receiver", "Erica Blinn", "Watershed", "Colin Gawel" and works out of his studio at Curry House Records in Grandview Heights, Ohio.

Mike Landolt - producer, engineer, mixer
Civil Defense Music

Ed Goodreau is usually in his Santa Monica studio working with new artists.

Jackie Stabb - Artist

Ohio born indie/pop artist "Jackie Stabb" recently debuted her EP "Little Voice" with production by 'Vince Jones'. She is also the winner of last year's 'Project Aloft Star' competition.
Kenny Aronoff - Drummer, Producer

Kenny is currently on tour with "John Fogerty" as well as the "BoDeans". Kenny is available to produce artists (as well as play drums) at his "".

Tim James - Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Musician

Tim recently produced and co-wrote 7 songs on "Selena Gomez's" album "Revival". Rock Mafia has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

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